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14. Oktober 2021

You are not necessarily obliged to accept the agreement offered to you and may propose changes that will be reviewed and accepted by the subcontractor. In other situations where the recipient of the data is another controller and not a joint controller, it is up to the controller sharing the data to determine what is necessary to comply with the provisions of the GDPR and protect the privacy of individuals. You need to understand the definitions of controller and processor under the GDPR. This distinction is important for data exchange situations. So when in these other cases is a contract necessary? In general, the more risks associated with an agreement, the more reasons there are to have a contract. From a data protection point of view, the particular risks that are relevant are those that affect the data subjects and not the organisations carrying out the exchange. Factors that may be relevant to the risk include: ADSs set the conditions for the electronic exchange of customs data and postal services, including: As with special categories, sharing agreements involving automated processing and profiling of data subjects can create more risks. Does the disclosure include special categories of personal data or data related to criminal convictions? Any privacy policy should clearly indicate to data subjects who are the joint controllers and who is responsible for what. For example, if a combined service is provided, data subjects need to know which organization they are contacting for a subject access request. Data sharing is an important way to increase the capacity of researchers, scientists and decision-makers to analyze data and translate it into meaningful reports and knowledge. Data sharing discourages duplication of data collection and encourages diversity of thinking and collaboration, as others are able to use the data to answer questions that the original data collectors may not have considered. By signing DSA 1 and/or DSA 2, postal operators undertake to implement and comply with these conditions and standards. You need to understand the nature of your relationship with the organisation (or person) with whom you share data and what is required by data protection law.


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