Uvic Faculty Collective Agreement

14. April 2021

(v) a statement that the university is committed to preserving the values of justice, diversity and integration in our living, learning and working environment. To meet our values, we seek members who work respectfully and constructively with differences and beyond levels of power. We actively encourage applications from group members who have barriers to justice. The full statement of the university`s capital can be found at uvic.ca/equitystatement. When individual departments make changes in their training, labelling or other tasks between the faculty, specialist staff and CUPE 4163 positions or reorganize programs or courses to reduce staff, every effort is made to implement the change at the end of the staff`s mandate and to notify the Union as soon as possible so that the parties can discuss how to minimize the impact of these changes on these officers. A single arbitrator is appointed by mutual agreement between the parties. Alternatively and by mutual agreement, the parties may decide on an arbitration proceeding and, in this case, each party will inform the other party of its candidate. The candidates of the parties then agree to chair the arbitration committee. The University of Victoria and the University of Victoria Faculty Association recently negotiated a collective agreement for the period July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022. For more information on contract changes and transitions, please see the following links. 682 (93.2%) Of the 732 MPs who took part in the vote on the ratification of our second collective agreement, they voted „YES“ on 17 July 2019. For historical references, click below to access the previous agreements: 2015-2019 Collective Agreement No employee is required or authorized to enter into a written or verbal agreement with the university or its representatives, which is in conflict with the terms of the collective agreement.

This agreement is binding from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022 and applies to the period required to negotiate collective agreements under an applicable status of the Province of British Columbia. The university makes available to the professor on leave only the benefits of Articles 13, 16 and 23 (salary, benefits, security and status) under this agreement, as if he or she had fulfilled the teaching missions. Under no circumstances can union leave provide for, under this agreement, an additional salary or benefit enhancement that does not correspond to what the board would have accumulated if it had granted the task (s). Extended leave should not reduce a trial or waiting period. The aim of this agreement is to establish an orderly collective relationship between the university and its workers represented by the Union, in order to maintain the effectiveness of university activity, to ensure the harmonious resolution of disputes and to define an agreement on wage rates and other working conditions applicable to workers within the framework of the bargaining unit. The university will not deduct the salary unless it is approved by law, the courts, arbitration, this agreement or by agreement between the university and the staff. (ii) takes appropriate measures to provide the survival teacher, during the year of engagement, with the university unit allocation calculated according to the terms of the contract.

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