Suffocation Agreement

12. April 2021

A document published by the Fujian authorities calls on priests and clerics to ban minors from the Church and education; to refuse relations with foreign Catholics; To curb any dynamics of evangelization. Meanwhile, the „Global Times“ celebrates the exhibition of the Vatican Museums and some lectures on „Pope Francis“ and „Friendship“ between China and the Vatican. For Beijing, agreements with the Holy See go hand in hand with the asphyxiation of the Church. Asphyxiation, asphyxiation and strangulation is a punishable act that can be tried in district court, unless the defence or prosecutor decides that the case is heard by the District Court on charge. The summary elimination of these offences in the District Court carries a maximum sentence of two years` imprisonment. An offence of asphyxiation, asphyxiation and strangulation committed to commit another offence is a contentious offence and must be concluded in a higher court. The August 2015 peace agreement provides for the establishment of a hybrid tribunal for South Sudan (HCSS) by the African Union Commission to investigate and prosecute genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict. This tribunal has not yet been established. In August 2015, after more than 20 months of intermittent negotiations, south Sudan`s warring finally agreed on the terms of a peace agreement. The agreement provided the parties with a framework for ending hostilities and addressed a wide range of issues, including power-sharing, security, humanitarian assistance, economic arrangements, justice and reconciliation, as well as the process of drafting a permanent constitution. „For effective prosecutions to take place, the African Union Commission should take immediate steps to create the Hybrid Criminal Court under the August 2015 peace agreement and to immediately open investigations into crimes under international law, including such atrocities.“ In the text of the agreement reached, there are two tiny references that may not be striking, but which should be: the idea of an international pandemic treaty under WHO and the EU`s adoption of a global system of human rights sanctions – which speak for itself as to whether we really learned what was important this year. Despite the peace agreement and the commitments made by the parties to the conflict for a lasting ceasefire, fighting in Unity State continued until mid-December 2015. The power-sharing government has not yet been formed.

Rome (AsiaNews) – While enthusiastic news from the exhibition of the „First Vatican Museums“ in Beijing (until July 7) or the „first“ Peking University conference on Pope Francis, AsiaNews receives reports of a slow and inexorable asphyxiation of the Chinese Church, both official and underground. The driving force behind this asphyxiation is the term „independence,“ to which official bishops and priests must bend and to which even the clandestine must cling to exercise its ministry.

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