Street Light Agreement

9. Oktober 2021

Package of tender documents for ppp public lighting projects (lighting specifications) developed by Partnerships Germany ÖPP Deutschland AG PPP in Germany: public lighting and other sustainable development projects, partnerships Germany PPP Deutschland AG December 2010 presents essential elements of the PPP public lighting model. Premaasibility Study Municipal Energy-efficient Public Street Lighting Project in the City of Rio de Janeiro, World Bank Group August 2014 – The objective of this study is to give Rio de Janeiro city officials a brief overview of EE`s global street lighting trends; (b) a review of the relevant legal, institutional and legal frameworks that would have an impact on investments in energy-efficient street lighting; and (c) recommendations on funding structures that, by aggregation/aggregation, reach scale. See also: Impact Story: SNTA supports street lighting PPPs in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, PPIAF April 2016 Energy-efficient street lighting, European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) June 2013 (English, Italian, Polish, Romanian) – This factsheet summarises the reasons for the need to improve the energy efficiency of public lighting, including financial pilots, legislative, technological and environmental. The factsheet examines the role of ESC in street lighting and refers to examples of successful street lighting projects and additional sources of information on the subject. Guadalajara – Contrato de Arrendamiento – Leasing contract of 15 April 2015 between the municipality and a partnership between the installer Electricidad y Tecnología S.A. de C.V. (Electrotec) and the financial institution Solucash S.A. de C.V. Sofom E.N.R. (Solucash), with regard to the replacement of lights and the strengthening of the infrastructure of the light network in Guadalajara. The installation of the luminaires is due to a private partner. The municipality leases upgraded luminaires from a private partner and makes monthly payments over the 10-year lease period, which will be financed by cost savings. At the end of the contract, ownership of the luminaires is transferred to the municipality.

Street Lighting Toolkit – How to assess the impact of an energy efficiency investment in the street lighting asset, Scottish Futures Trust, March 2013 – The toolkit and the two accompanying business boxes are intended to help local authorities assess the impact of investments in energy efficiency measures in their public lighting system. It builds on good practices and lessons learned from local authorities that have already implemented energy-efficient street lighting programmes, and proposes clear guidelines and a structured approach and process that councils must implement to implement energy-efficient street lighting initiatives. Local Authorities Services (LAS) and RealTerm Energy have developed a streetlight replacement program that has enabled 150 municipalities to jointly obtain turnkey LED lights….

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