Hillsborough County Marital Settlement Agreement

10. April 2021

Many couples create problems by using do-it-yourself divorce kits or hiring non-lawyers to prepare their divorce agreement. Only a lawyer and mediator is qualified to enter into written marital agreements, and even in this case, experience and attention to detail are essential. Below, we have a text version of a marital property contract that is actually used by our company to resolve a divorce case with assets, debts, children and help. A marital transaction agreement is the main document that describes all the terms of your divorce in Florida. This agreement is usually submitted to the court and must be approved by the judge before your marriage can be formally dissolved. Tampa Treaty Wedding Comparison mediator lawyer Beth Reineke serves Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the surrounding Tampa Bay area. Contact us online or call 813-205-6675 for a free telephone consultation to discuss the elements of an undisputed divorce. Life insurance: As a guarantee of the obligation to raise children described in this agreement, the husband manages a us$150,000 life insurance with the wife as a beneficiary for minor children until the end of the obligation to assist children under the terms of this contract. Waiver of notification of the last hearing, waiting time and appearance at the final hearing: both parties agree not to publish the last hearing for thirty (30) days so that the last hearing can take place as soon as possible.

Both parties expressly waive the legal waiting period of 20 (20) days and accept the immediate adoption of the final judgment on the dissolution of the marriage. The parties here matter that they have entered into a valid and enforceable matrimonial agreement and herely accept an expedited final hearing before a judge or master general and the waiver of all other communications and appearances, as long as the Tribunal merely ratifies that agreement and associate it with a final judgment on the dissolution of the marriage. Life insurance: As a guarantee of the husband`s support obligation described in this agreement, the husband manages a $100,000 life insurance policy.

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