Harvard University Research Agreement

22. September 2021

Obligations towards sponsors should protect the right to discuss research results freely and informally (orally, in writing or electronically) with students, apprentices, staff and colleagues. An agreement (which can be considered as financial assistance, a contract or a cooperation agreement) under which one party („sponsor“) makes available to a second party („winner“) funds to support the carrying out of a specific research project or activity (for example. B conference, policy development). The sponsor can be a foundation, government agency, for-profit organization, research institute, or other university. The receiving party undertakes to keep the information confidential, often for a specified period of time, and to use it only for the stated purpose. No money is exchanged. An agreement by which a party („Supplier“) undertakes to make available to another party („Consignee“) materials intended to be used for specific research or study purposes. The agreement defines the rights, obligations and restrictions, for both the supplier and the consignee, with regard to the materials exchanged. Material transfer contracts are not used for the purchase of commercial materials. Billing agreements are binding agreements between two local institutions that are used when a researcher/researcher is a collaborator of one institution and works on another local institution. OTD will provide assistance in obtaining additional authorizations from academic oversight bodies. Please note that the OTD does not coordinate the packaging or shipment of materials. This directive establishes a process for the approval and management of contracts for services or consulting made by the faculty under the aegis of Harvard University, which means that Harvard would be the contracting party.

Examples of services that the faculty wishes to provide under the auspices of Harvard may be: Please note that this type of agreement is provided only to illustrate it. It contains conditions representative of a cooperation agreement on fundamental research which contains provisions on the transfer of material, but any such agreement shall be subject to amendments based on the unique aspects of any cooperation. Harvard OTD establishes dozens of successful research collaborations between academic scientists and industry partners each year.

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