Funding Agreement Innosuisse

21. September 2021

In addition to the funding agreement between the project partners for Innosuisse, an IPR agreement must be concluded between the university and the company. This agreement must be signed by the university and defines different aspects such as confidentiality, publications and intellectual property. Unitectra helps to negotiate this contract. When a laboratory cooperates with a company, it is necessary to conclude the agreement and to know the intellectual property principles of EPFL. Innosuisse supports innovation projects by companies, private or public organisations in collaboration with research institutes. Innosuisse covers the salary of the research partner and, under certain conditions, the material costs as well as a contribution to the overheads. The company provides at least the same amount and therefore bears the costs of its project itself. With the new Inpulse program, Innosuise aims to stimulate innovation activities in the face of the current Covid 19 pandemic. Contributions from implementing partners are reduced compared to standard innovation projects. The new programme will apply to projects starting from January 2021. Innosuisse supports the principle of subsidiarity: it only supports excellent innovation projects if there are no other ways to implement them in a potential market. NOTE: As these negotiations can be important and complex, Innosuisse advises the project partners to address this issue at an early stage and to have at least reached an agreement in principle on this issue at the beginning of the application procedure.

The SNSF has signed a service level agreement with the SBFI. It contains the objectives and performance indicators agreed between the SNSF and the AIF for each four-year period. Both parties regularly check whether the relevant objectives are being achieved. The EPFL Directive on Research Contracts and Technology Transfer (LEX 3.4.1) defines the rules and liability for research agreements. Do not hesitate to contact TTO as soon as possible to prepare the corresponding agreement or if you have any specific questions regarding cooperation agreements. Innosuisse – the Swiss Agency for the Promotion of Innovation is the federal body for the promotion of research-based innovation. It supports applied and market-oriented research and development (R&D) projects carried out jointly by Swiss companies and universities. At least the provisions of Article 41 of ripo shall apply. In any case, the project partners are obliged to respect these rules within the framework of the cooperation. However, innosuisse may provide that an agreement must be concluded between the partners beyond these provisions. Such conditions require innosuisse in the vast majority of approved projects.

The project partners must negotiate and individually agree on any agreement that goes beyond the provisions of Art. 41 RIPO. If such a requirement exists, the agreement or declaration of the intellectual property decision must be submitted no later than three months after the start of the project. . . .

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