Employee Insurance Agreement

18. September 2021

Below is confirmation of your willingness to pay the staff`s share of the insurance premium costs for the continuation of your coverage during the period. An effective agreement on other benefits. The existence of this Agreement shall not prohibit or limit the right of the Director to participate fully in executive compensation, staff performance and other plans or programmes in which senior managers of the Enterprise may participate. The company offers its managers certain pension plans and ancillary benefits. The Company reserves the right to modify, modify or terminate these plans and benefits. You are entitled to all benefits that may be granted to you under the terms of such plans and benefits as amended from time to time. During the term of employment, the officer is entitled to participate in all pension plans and programs made available to the senior management of the company or its employees in general, since these plans may be in effect from time to time, including, but not not, pension plans and other pension plans, incentive plans, savings plans and similar plans, individual or group life insurance; Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, surgical insurance, master health insurance and access health insurance, dental insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, sick leave (including salary maintenance agreements), leave and other staff benefit plans are programs that may be sponsored from time to time by the company, including all plans to complement the types of plans listed above, whether funded or not. . . .

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