Data Use Agreement Umich

16. September 2021

Data Use Agreement (DUA): Data Use Agreements are contracts that are developed, signed and executed in order to define procedures, expectations, requirements and restrictions for the exchange of research data. The table below shows the types of unfunded agreements and those that process them at U-M, including confidentiality agreements (SIAs), data use agreements (PDAs), material transfer agreements (EPAs), and other agreements. Please also see our standard templates and download agreements. A contract or agreement contains promises for which the service is recognized as a legal obligation. Each document of the contract includes a service obligation such as a specification (SOW) or a description of the services to be provided. The commitment should be formulated with great care, if the university or contractor does not provide the promised results or does what is defined in the SOW, this is an offence. All are advantageous legal contracts between two parties. Signatory Authority: Signing authority applies to individuals who, due to their position at Eastern Michigan University, have the opportunity to sign on behalf of Eastern Michigan University. Employees in different positions may have the right to be signatories to different types of agreements. Many research projects supported by supporting projects require that project data be made public. Data Use Agreements (AEDs) can be transferred from eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) to ORSP for processing through the Unfunded Agreement System (UFA). Restricted data links available to the following sources: a DUA is required whenever data is transferred, a data set or software that is not public or that is subject to other restrictions in its use, a DUA may or may not consist of personal data.

For example, unfunded agreements do not have associated external financial support. These agreements include elements such as NDAs, AEDs, ASAs and other agreements. A „UFA“ is a dataset in eResearch related to these unfunded agreements. ORSP assists U-M researchers and research administrators with data exchange issues. ORSP DUA specialists can give advice in: Some gifts and scholarships do not require ORSP treatment. Some subsidies do. ORSP also helps with contracts and agreements….

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