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11. September 2021

Anti-competitive agreements are agreements between competitors aimed at preventing, restricting or distorting competition. Section 34 of the Competition Act prohibits anti-competitive agreements, decisions and practices. Competition in a market may be limited to types other than those mentioned above. For example, there may be other types of agreements between competitors, such as pricing policies or recommendations, joint buying or selling, the establishment of technical or design standards, and an agreement for the exchange of business information. CCCS will act in cases where competition is appreciably affected, i.e. where competition is seriously affected. In the case of a pricing policy or recommendation, CCCS has found that recommended rates and pricing policies, whether mandatory or voluntary, are generally detrimental to competition and encourages all companies to set their prices independently. Anti-competitive agreements would be a particularly serious type of anti-competitive agreement. Agreements are generally aimed at determining prices, manipulating tenders, allocating markets or limiting production.

As a result, cartels have little or no incentive to lower prices or offer better quality goods or services. According to economic studies, cartels are on average 30 percent higher. There are four main types of antitrust agreements: do they include that it is illegal for companies to enter into horizontal agreements between competitors and vertical agreements along the supply chain that limit competition in the market? How do your employees really understand competition law and its practices? It covers the essential points of competition law in an easy-to-digest format and includes interactive learning activities. To make things even easier, the presentation can be used or edited without modification and remodeled to a desired format. You can even extract components and integrate them into other presentations. Our monthly newsletter offers best practices, news and trends in compliance training, digital learning, EdTech and RegTech To download your copy, simply confirm your data in the form. If the answer to these questions is no or you are not sure, our free presentation will help your colleagues better understand competition law. The presentation is provided on a non-commercial name and license (BY-NC) so that you can use it freely in your own business. However, if you would like to use it in derivative works for sale, please ask us for permission….

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