Agreements On Labour Migration

8. April 2021

This four-module toolkit will guide you through all stages of BLMAs development, from design and negotiation to the implementation of bilateral labour migration agreements. This chapter is the subject of an interim revision of bilateral labour immigration agreements, in the light of human and workers` rights. The emphasis is on labour migration agreements, unlike other bilateral agreements adopted by states that could have an impact on migrant workers, such as readmission agreements or coordination agreements for social security agreements. However, as explained below, the issue of social security is of particular importance to migrant workers. This revision is provisional, as the chapter does not provide for a systematic analysis of a wide range of such agreements, but only selected agreements in regions of the world characterized by „corridors“ of significant labour migration, in particular agreements between countries in Europe and Africa, as well as between countries in the Middle East and South and South-East Asia. Officials, policy makers or practitioners of public institutions and ministries dealing with migration and/or international relations The project aims to help the Polish government develop a comprehensive and sustainable policy framework for labour migration. It is aimed at Polish ministries and relevant public administrations in order to strengthen their institutional capacity to design and implement a labour migration policy, in line with Poland`s needs and strategic priorities. The results will be a number of concrete results, including reports and working papers on best practices. In the recent past, bilateral labour contracts, such as bilateral agreements and Memorandums of Understanding on labour immigration, have become increasingly important as instruments for facilitating labour mobility. While these measures can play an important role in respecting the rights of migrant workers, in practice they highlight a number of gaps in design and implementation.

Despite the fact that EU Member States have participated in many bilateral agreements and that Polish experience in this area remains limited. In order to tackle these problems, ICMPD is organising an introductory training course on bilateral agreements and Memorandums of Understanding for the main Polish players involved in labour migration policy. Experts from regional or international organizations that manage migration programmes Taking advantage of the ILO and IOM`s experience in technical assistance and labour immigration advice for governments, regional economic communities and other partners, you will provide practical guidance on the development and implementation of effective bilateral migration agreements to improve the management of migration flows, strengthen protection of migrant workers and ensure that international attitudes and investments meet the needs of the labour market. Watch the information videos below and learn more about the key concepts and strengths of bilateral labour immigration agreements. During this home-cooked workout, you`ll need interactive materials with exercises, quizzes and videos. This module exposes you to different trading techniques and improves your barganing skills towards win-win results. This module presents the objectives and added value of entry into BLAs, places them in their historical context and introduces you to some of the challenges and best practices associated with BLAs. The Palgrave Handbook of International Labour Migration Pp 231-252 | Welcome to the Joint International Labour Organization and the International Organization for Migration on the training instrument for the development and implementation of bilateral labour migration agreements in Africa. In this module, we will study the mechanisms for implementing, monitoring and evaluating BLAs.

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