Agreement In Advertising Definition

8. April 2021

This promotion agreement can be implemented by both parties, either in English or in another language, but in the case of one case there will be a dispute over the different translations of this Agreement, the English meaning of this agreement is granted for other translations. An advertising agreement is used by and between a company that wishes to use the services of an advertiser for advertising and advertising its products or services or brand and the advertiser who is willing to provide such services to the company. (a) The publisher has the right to terminate the contract at any time with or without notice to the advertiser, as the advertiser has not paid the invoices until the expiry date of these invoices. (b) The publisher reserves the right to review the quarterly volume of advertising and terminate the agreement at its sole discretion if the advertising placed is 15% or more less than the quarter volume required for the performance of the twelve-month contract, if the advertiser has such an agreement with the publisher. If the publisher does not verify the frequency of the advertisement or terminates the contract for any reason, this will not be considered a waiver of the right to terminate or impose a price adjustment applicable in the future. (c) Subject to the provisions of the section (s) of this section 14, the advertiser has the right to terminate the contract at any time by letter of notification to the publisher. (d) The publisher has the right to terminate this contract for any reason and at any time by written notification to the advertiser, in which case and as long as the advertiser fulfills its revenue, volume or any other obligation to the publisher in a manner consistent with the completion of the advertiser`s final commitment, the advertiser is held responsible for the advertisement prior to that termination at the current rate of the contract. (e) With the exception of a termination pursuant to Section 7.3, if the contract is terminated or for any other reason, the advertiser, during the duration of the contract, must not purchase the advertisement that generates the publisher`s revenue, volume or other obligation, not to pay immediately to the publisher, depending on whether this is the case: (i) the initial undertaking made to the publisher under the , or (ii) an amount for all advertising published during the lifetime, including advertising („previously billed amount) that has been previously billed („amount)“ adjusted for the space, stakes and color that are actually used.

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