Afa Agreement

8. September 2021

An agreement for the reciprocal development of a written planning policy and an agreement of the company to pay the labor costs on this project. AFA-CWA has a team of professional negotiators who do nothing but cooperate directly with elected cabin crew members of each airline to negotiate contracts and contract letters covering the payment, benefits and working conditions of cabin crew. These professional negotiators have more experience in cabin crew contracts than any other negotiator in the industry. TxDOT has a standard contractual system that simplifies the majority of local project agreements and significantly reduces processing volume and time. These include a Master Advance Funding Agreement (MAFA) that sets the terms and conditions of the relationship and cites federal and state laws governing agreements with local governments. The ratification of an agreement is carried out by an electronic vote managed by a trusted external electoral agency for 3 to 4 weeks. The full language of the agreement and explanations of support shall be provided to members in order to be able to proceed with informed votes. Contractual agreements are used to settle a dispute in the interpretation of the language of the contract. Settlement agreements are considered an extension of the collective agreement.

Like LOAs and MOUs, the MEC is empowered to enter into settlement agreements in accordance with the Constitution and statutes of the AFA.

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